Re: ncl_convert2nc no longer working -- is this due to ncl update?

From: Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate <dave.allured_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Apr 25 2013 - 12:45:48 MDT

I'm sorry, this is most likely a known install problem internal to
NOAA/PSD. $PATH is not set up according to the NCL standard
recommendation. I will talk privately with Gijs and our IT staff.

--Dave A.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:27 PM, David Brown <> wrote:
> Definitely it has not been removed from our distribution. Is it possible your environment has changed somehow?
> Do you have NCARG_ROOT defined and can you list the files in $NCARG_ROOT/bin? ncl_convert2nc should be there.
> Is $NCARG_ROOT/bin in your PATH? Can you start ncl? What does "which ncl" report? ncl_convert2nc should be in that same directory.
> If you cannot find it perhaps you need to talk to your sys admin.
> -dave
> On Apr 25, 2013, at 12:13 PM, "Gijs de Boer (NOAA Affiliate)" <> wrote:
>> I am attempting to use the ncl_convert2nc script in order to convert some grib files to netcdf. While this command used to work without any problems, now I'm getting "Command not found" error. Has this been removed from the new version of ncl (6.1.2)?
>> Thanks,
>> Gijs de Boer
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