How to modiy Times varable in wrfout*.nc

From: Nguyễn Quang Long <nqlong_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun May 19 2013 - 09:40:14 MDT

Hi everybody
I have a problem in WRFout file.
I'd like to offset my timezone (UTC+7). So i have to modify Times varible
in wrfout*.nc. I use ncl to do this.
This is my code:
 netcdf_in = addfile("./","w")

       Times = netcdf_in->Times
       Time_1 = wrf_times_c( Times, 0 ) + 7
       Time_1@units="hours since 2011-03-08 00:00:00"

      Times_1 = cd_string(Time_1,"%Y-%N-%D %H:%M:%S")

     ////// This line print correct time i want, but when i assign TImes_1
to Times, it got this proble*m "Assignment type mismatch, right hand side
can't be coerced to type of left hand side" *
      Times(:,0:0) = str_get_cols(Times_1,0,0)

 Anbody help me to solve this problem. Why am I wrong. I know my type of
variable doesn't match but I don't know how to assign correct. Please help


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