problem with Log log plot xy

From: Marston Johnston <shejo284_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Jun 09 2013 - 05:35:20 MDT


I'm trying to plot the PDF of some surface precipitation and plot the
results on a log log plot. It is simple enough, I thought, to set the x and
y axis limits and replace zero values with FillValues. But it works, but I
keep getting a strange error:

ncl total_rr_stats_regions.ncl
 Copyright (C) 1995-2012 - All Rights Reserved
 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
 NCAR Command Language Version 6.1.0
 The use of this software is governed by a License Agreement.
 See for more details.
(0) Extracting the total precip arrays...
(0) Opening file
(0) Opening file
(0) Opening file
(0) Opening file
(0) Setting up the plots...
(0) Atlantic region...
(0) Pacific region...
(0) Indian region...
(0) Africa region...
(0) Amazon region...
(0) Completing the plot and printing it...
fatal:syntax error: line 313 in file total_rr_stats_regions.ncl before or
near \n
There is no line 313 and no strange character!

I would greatly appreciate some help with getting this function working
smoothly. I attached the script and the results.


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