Help using function of "ESMF_Regrid" to regrid global emission data

From: Yuqiang Zhang <yuqiangzhang.thu_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Jun 17 2013 - 12:42:36 MDT

Hi Everyone


I am intending to use the "ESMF_regrid" function to regrid my "Global
Lon-Lat projection" of emission data (unit in kg/s or kg/m2/s) in 0.5x0.5
degree to a "Regional CONUS Lambert Confrontal Projection" (36kmx36km).
After I read the sample scripts on the NCL website and I thought I could do
that. However, after regridding, my total emissions in the region are not
consistent with my original data at the same region. First I thought this
may be because the two regions are not exactly overlapped as one is in
lon-lat projection and another one is in LLC. Then I tried to use the
function to regrid this global emission to another coarse resolution global
(2x.2.5 degree) as I did before using function "
Wrap.shtml> area_conserve_remap_Wrap ", it turns out the regridding data are
still not consistent with the original ones. There will be 5%-15% less
compared with original dataset, depending on the species.


Can anyone tell me whether or not I can use this function to do that. If
possible, should I keep the unit of "kg/m2/s" or convert to "kg/s"?







Yuqiang Zhang

PhD student

Environmental Science and Engineering Department

Univerisyt of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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