Re: how to draw vector fields with the unstructured grid data

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Date: Sun Jul 07 2013 - 17:02:44 MDT
Hi Mary,

   Thank you for your responding so quickly.

   Can you send me some links on interpolating unstructured data to regular grid data? Do you think ESMF_regrid is the best one?

    By the way, I want to make sure that once I interpolate the U/V data to a regular grid, may I use gsn_vector_* or gsn_csm_vector_* functions to display them?


Hi Xueming,
Yes, for now, you will need to interpolate your U/V data to a rectilinear (regular) or curvilinear grid.
Or, you can try using the wmvect or wmvectmap procedures to plot single vectors. These two routlines are rather limited.  See:
Or see examples 8 and 9 at:
We do have it high on our list to add capabilities for drawing vectors on unstructured grids, but we're not sure when we'll get to it.
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  I want to plot vector fields with unstructured grid data from FVCOM output by NCL, which both u and v variables are only one-dimension like u(nele),v(nele). But all the vector functions (gsn_vector_*) in ncl need two dimensional u and v, such as u(:,:),v(:,:). How should I do for my unstructured grid data? Do I have to interpolate them to regular grid?





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