From: Jiaxin Zhang <jiaxinzhang3_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Jul 14 2013 - 22:14:26 MDT

Dear NCL users,

I am using the function “area_conserve_remap_Wrap” to perform a
conservative interpolation and I have some issues with the missing values.
Although missing values, designated by the _FillValue attribute, are not
allowed in this function, I still wonder if it is possible to perform this
interpolation in my data and create a netcdf.

Attached are my data file and the code (slightly modified from

Is the function “area_conserve_remap_Wrap” a good choice for my dataset? In
case it is a good choice, what has to be modified in the attached code for
a correct conservative interpolation? In case it is not a good option, any
other alternative functions for conservative interpolation in my dataset?

I would appreciate any help or suggestions about this interpolation.

Thank you!


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