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Date: Mon Aug 05 2013 - 04:43:53 MDT

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Date: Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 7:50 AM
Subject: draw xy plot from 3 dimensional variable
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Dear all,

I know that my email have been seen by the member of the ncl groups, but
since this is an ergent need I send this email again. Please kindlu advice
me in this regard as soon as possible.

After calculating SPI, I need to have a xy plot. My problem is that SPI has
3 dimensions, as you know to plot a xy plot 1 dimensional variables are
needed. So my question is how can I convert 3 dimensinal SPI to 1
dimensinal. I need to plot SPI for whole Africa cntinent, not specific

Thank you in advance.




    f = addfile("precip.mon.total.v6.nc","r")
    prc2 = f->precip({62456:77035},{-35:37},{344:50})
    time = f->time({62456:77035} )

    yyyymm_i = cd_calendar(time, -2)

    ntim = dimsizes(time)

    dimp = dimsizes(prc2)
    ntim = dimp(0)
    nlat = dimp(1)
    mlon = dimp(2)
    len = (/3,6,12,24/)
    klen = dimsizes(len)
    spi = new((/klen,ntim,nlat,mlon/),float)

    do k=0,klen-1
      spi(k,:,:,:) = dim_spi_n(prc2, len(k), False, 0)
    end do


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