wrf_wps_dom bug

From: Li, Xiangshang <xli_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Aug 26 2013 - 13:54:50 MDT


I use ncl 6.0.0 and "plotgrids.ncl" to plot out a domain setup - output is wps_dom.ps. Yet I got different domain map from what is created by "plotgrids.exe" (Qatar_domains1.png).

The 3rd domain (smallest) created by "plot_grids.ncl" is larger than the actual one (created by WPS plotgrids.exe). I am sure the "plotgrids.exe" inside WPS is correct from the plots I created using other NCL scripts.

The first 2 domains are correct - the only function invoked is "wrf_wps_dom". Therefore, I suspect the problem is with "wrf_wps_dom".

The version of NCL you are running (ncl -V) -- 6.0.0
The shortest NCL script possible that illustrates the bug - plot_grids.ncl, attached
Any data files needed to run your script. - none
A graphic (PostScript file, PDF file, NCGM file, etc.) that illustrates the problem. - attached
The exact error message (if any). - none
The type of system you're on (usually "uname -a" is enough). - Redhat Ent. 5.9



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