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Thanks for your help. I have a second question.
Is it also possible to get 4 lines on one plot? As far as I know overlay is only possible for 2lines

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There are a few different ways to get two lines on one plot.
1) Form a 2 x N array that stores both timeseries...
(See example #2 here, one of many line examples on this page: )
2) overlay one timeseries on another

I'd suggest option #2 in your case. You will need to set gsnDraw and gsnFrame to False, overlay the two plots, and manually call drawn and frame:
res = True res@gsnDraw = False ; do not draw the plot when the plot is created res@gsnFrame = False l do not advance the frame res@tiMainString ="profil des 24.08.2010" ;Titel res@tiYAxisString ="Höhe in hPa" res@tiXAxisString ="Temperatur in K" res@xyLineColors =(/"red"/) ;Linienfarbe res@trYReverse =True ;reverser Y-axis plot = gsn_csm_xy(wks, Feuchte4(:,126,213), hohe,res) res@xyLineColors =(/"blue"/) ;Linienfarbe plot2 = gsn_csm_xy(wks, Feuchte3(:,126,213), hohe,res) overlay(plot,plot2) draw(plot) frame(wks) Hope that helps. If you have any further questions please respond to ncl-talk.

On 09/10/2013 02:45 AM, wrote:
Can you tell me how can I creat on XY graph with two differenz curve? In case I use my script I get 2 graphs

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