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Date: Tue Sep 24 2013 - 08:08:40 MDT

Hi All

Very sorry about not including a subject, also I have changed the odt file to just a normal word doc, I hope that is fine and can be opened.

Many thanks!

Kind Regards


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Subject: Image

Hi All

I have finally got somewhere with the SICZ analysis.
I have attached an image of what the code produces and it is what I want, except for the fact that the line (regression line) is not extending from 0 to 55E as I would like. Is there anyway when I do the local_max function I can choose how many points it finds max values for? I would ideally like if it found the max value for each longitude point i.e. 37.
At the moment it is only 9 points and they start from around 20E, not quite sure why it does this?
Any help would be appreciated in this matter, I am a very new user of NCL and apologise for any very basic questions.
The help so far has been invaluable to me! :)

Kind Regards

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