int2p_n_Wrap interpolation encountering missing value

From: Kai Zhang <kzkaizhang_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sat Oct 26 2013 - 09:46:31 MDT

Dear All,

I am using int2p_n_Wrap to interpolate pressure levels to iso levels
(potential temperature). I have the following code:

x = int2p_n_Wrap(theta,xin,iso_lev,0,1) --------------------
; theta(time,plev,lat,lon) is potential temperature
; xin(time,plev,lat,lon) is the variable I want to interpolate to iso levels
;iso_lev is a one-dimensional levels containing iso levels I want to
interpolate into.

Here I have a problem, since both theta(time,plev,lat,lon) and xin
(time,plev,lat,lon) have missing values, the output
x(time,iso_lev,lat,lon) would be missing values.

I know the example of one dimension is easy to interpolation by using
ind(.not.ismissing) to miss out the missing values, but how to deal with
four dimension dataset?? If I use three do loops, it will cost several days
to runout the results. (ntime=612, nlat=96, nlon=144)

So do you know if there is a way to miss out the missing values in the

Thanks very much for your help! This is really important in my research!
Without interpolation, I cannot see the results I need.

Thanks again!!!


Kai Zhang
University of Texas at Austin, TX (2012 - )
Graduate Research Assistant,
Jackson School of Geosciences
BS, Peking University, China (2008 - 2012)
Dept. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, School of Physics
Cellphone: +1 512 520 6902
Email: <>

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