error in get1Dindex

From: Bithi De <bde_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Oct 31 2013 - 20:09:57 MDT

Hi All,
I am trying to use "get1Dindex" to get index for a specified
temperature value from another temperature data but I am getting this
fatal:Dimension sizes on right hand side of assignment do not match
dimension sizes of left hand side

Thanks for your help in advance,

************The printVariable summary for the given temperature data
(32 years,368 timesteps)
Variable: ts_rev
Type: integer
Total Size: 47104 bytes
            11776 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [32] x [368]
Number Of Attributes: 1
  _FillValue : -2147483647
(0) min=-20 max=4

*************and the code for getting index is as follows:

     Tdata = new((/368/),"integer")
     Temp = ispan(-20,4,1) ; need index for
     ; print(Temp)

      do ii =0,31 ; no of years =32
      Tdata(:) = ts_rev(ii,:) ; given temp value for all
timestep at each year

   i = get1Dindex(Tdata,Temp)

Bithi De
Graduate Student , Research Assistant
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