X11 bug under MacOS 10.8 and higher has been fixed

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Nov 13 2013 - 11:49:42 MST

Hi all,

If you have a Mac system running MacOS 10.8 or higher (sw_vers -productVersion), then you may be affected by a bug that causes NCL graphics sent to an X11 window not to be drawn fully.

The work-around we provided in NCL V6.1.2 was to use the special "ncl.xq.fix" binary in place of "ncl".

This was a bug in Apple's XQuartz X Window system that has been known by us for almost two years. Rick had filed a bug report with XQuartz awhile back and provided them with a small test case.

Jennifer Adams, who is one of the GrADS developers, also ran into this problem. Between her prompting and Rick's bug report, it garnered enough attention for a fix.

XQuartz has fixed this bug in their 2.7.5 release, which you can download from:


Download and run the "XQuartz-2.7.5.dmg" package installer.

This will install the new version of XQuartz after you click through a series of menus.

NOTE: there's no need to get a new version of NCL; you will now be able to run "ncl" instead of "ncl.xq.fix".

Before running "ncl" again, be sure to kill the current XQuartz server if it is still running. It will appear as a black "X" with an orange circle around it in your dock. To kill this, right click on this icon and select "quit".

To test ncl with the new XQuartz, simply run your current version of the "ncl" executable on a script that sends its output to an X11 window.

Or, you can type this quick test:

    ng4ex gsun01n -clean

This script has 5 frames, and you need to left click on each one to advance through them.

This should cause the new XQuartz to be started and hopefully ncl will just work.

Thanks to Rick and Jennifer for following through on this.


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