Writing multiple variables of data to an ASCII file

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Date: Thu Nov 14 2013 - 14:43:58 MST

Good Afternoon.

I am attempting to write WRF data to an ASCII file. The data is the u, v
wind components and wind magnitude, all which are a function of latitude,
longitude, and height. For lat/lon, there is 122X122 points at 14 defined
vertical levels for these three variables.

I am attempting a loop which would produce an ASCII file for each 3-hr time
interval or output of the WRF model data (hence why I kept the procedure
for writing the ASCII table in the time loop), but I have been struggling
to make this work. I imagine sub-scripting would be important in this case.
 I have attached my code for reference.

Any advice regarding how to do this would be greatly appreciated!

Brian Squitieri
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Iowa State University

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