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Date: Sat Dec 07 2013 - 05:15:57 MST

    I think we've found a bug when we try to plot vectors in a panel. It works well with res@vcGlyphStyle="LineArrow", however, once we set res@vcGlyphStyle="FillArrow", an error occurs. I get the error message as follows:
fatal:Variable (vc_monofillarrowcolor) is undefined.
fatal:Execute:Error occurred at or near line 1862 in file
    I notice that in the line 1862 in gsn_code.ncl, there is "vc_monofillarrowcolor" which is not defined previously. It should be revised as "vc_monofillarrowfillcolor" in reference to line 1855. After that, the problem is fixed.

PS: The version of NCL we are using is 6.1.2, but we also try it using 5.2.1,

Wei Tan and Gang Li

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