Re: Fortran function returning incorrect type based on function name

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Date: Wed Dec 04 2013 - 20:56:19 MST

Uhmmm... that was intended to be:

"ancient versions...had *implicit* typing in the absense of explicit


  On Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:45:27 -0700
  <> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> As you likely know, ancient versions of fortran (f77 and prior) had
> explicit typing in the absense of explicit programmer-specified
> any variable/function beginning with i--through--n was presumed of
> integer type, all others were considered real. I don't know what the
> deal is with more modern versions of fortran.
> I see that you are properly declaring the types of your functions
> *within* their definition. I'm wondering if you need to declare
> types in the outer calling scope? That said, I tried a little
> experiment to test that notion and got a compiler error rather than
> silent type conversion.
> Rick
> On Wed, 4 Dec 2013 22:22:47 -0500
> Alan Brammer <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have 2 iterations of the exact same code below.  One function
>>named “abcd" that returns a float as expected, one function named
>>“lbcd" which incorrectly returns an integer, though not even the
>>nearest integer but just zero. 
>> I’ve narrowed this down to whether or not the function begins with
>>the letter l ?
>> The returned xx value is correct, but the function value returned is
>>the issue. 
>> I imagine this is an issue with WRAPIT possibly, so below is the
>>version I have.  I’ve never noticed the below syntax error in `WRAPIT
>>-d` and wrapped routines typically work as expected. 
>> WRAPIT Version: 120209
>> nbits = 64
>>FORTRAN COMPILER (f90c): gfortran
>>FORTRAN COMPILER OPTIONS (fopts):  -m64 -fPIC -v -c
>> A syntax error occurred while parsing: 
>> gcc -fPIC -m64 -c -I/ct12/abrammer/ncl6.1.2//include WRAPIT.c
>> LINKER SUFFIX (ld_suffix): WRAPIT.o -o NONE
>> gcc -m64 -fPIC -shared WRAPIT.o -o NONE -lgfortran
>> Thanks,
>> Alan.
>> p.s. The code here is trivial and getting the result is not the
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