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From: Sam McClatchie <sam.mcclatchie_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Dec 31 2013 - 09:54:39 MST


This is great, and having a function to calculate MLD in the lat, lon, lev
domain would be extremely useful as well. I am so glad that our rcalcofi
material proved useful. I hope that these new functions can be considered
for the next NCL release.

I am flying to Peru today for the remainder of the holiday.

Best fishes for New Year!


On Tue, 31 Dec 2013 01:30:38 -0800, Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu (BE)
<> wrote:

> Hi Again,
> I think, i solved the problem by using regline. In this case i add the
> mid point to the input arrays to have data point more than 2. You can
> find the new version of function at the end of this mail. I still plan
> to add support for 3 dimensional input (lev,lat,lon) to do the
> calculation in spatial domain. I'll also send it to you when it is ready.
> To test the function, i run the function with the following data which
> is found in the documentation of the rcalcofi R toolbox,
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