Re: Variable number of arguments in NCL functions?

From: Dennis Shea (shea AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 13:38:18 MST

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    >Is it possible to write an NCL function that can take a variable number of
    >I'm trying to write a function that can take different numbers of arguments
    >depending on circumstances. I could always pass dummy arguments, I suppose,
    >but would prefer not to.


    For example, that is how all the gsn* graphical interfaces
    accept varying number of plot options [resources].

    The process in NCL is to pass arguments as attributes of a variable.
    Most frequently, users create a variable of type logical [however,
    it can be any type]. One can test for specific optional arguments
    by using the "isatt" function.

        optArg = True ; option arguments will be used
        optArg@scale_factor = 0.01
        optArg@add_offset = 123.
        optArg@weights = (/ 0.25, 0.50, 0.25 /)
                                            ; let x be a multi-dimensional array
        optArg@xArray = x ; NCL allows multidimensional atts

        function/procedure foo (arg1, arg2, ..., optArg:logical)
           if (optArg) then
           end if
           if (optArg .and isatt(optArg,"scale_factor")) then
               dumy = arg1*optArg@scale_factor ; mult by scale factor
             if (isatt(optArg,"add_offset")) then
               dumy = dumy + optArg@add_offset ; add offset
             end if
           end if
           if (optArg .and isatt(optArg,"weights")) then
               zRunAve = wgt_runave (z, optArg@weights , 0)
           end if
           if (optArg .and isatt(optArg,"xArray")) then
               xNew = optArg@xArray ; transfer to local variable
           end if

    Also, remember that the arguments arg1, arg2, ... are data objects
    that may or may not have attributes associated with them.
    These may also be tested/used.

    Dennis Shea

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