Re: polymarker fill

From: Mary Haley (haley AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 14:44:21 MST

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    > Dear NCL users:
    > I would like to add and "up_triangle" polymarker to a plot.
    > However, I would like it to be a solidfill not open as is the
    > default setting. gsFillColor, gsFillBackgroundColor, gsFillIndex
    > seemed to be ignored for "up_triangle". Your suggestions would
    > be appreciated.
    > pmres = True
    > pmres@gsMarkerIndex = "up_triangle"
    > pmres@gsMarkerSizeF = 0.009
    > polymark0=gsn_add_polymarker(wks,plot(1),(/324.7,324.7/),(/ah/1000.,ah/1000./),pmres)
    > thanks,
    > Matt

    Hi Matt,

    As Sylvia mentioned, you cannot fill the polymarkers. The gsnFill*
    resources can only be used with gsn*polygon calls, when you want to
    fill a polygon you've drawn yourself.

    You can write a little procedure/function to draw your own triangles
    using gsn_add_polygon, and then you can fill them with the gsFill*

    The only filled polymarker we have is a filled circle, and if you use
    this marker, you can change its color using gsMarkerColor. There's a
    list of all the available polymarkers at:

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