Ocean Masking

From: Maurice McHugh (mmchug4 AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 09:30:03 MDT


I've been using the following code to prevent contours etc being drawn on
top of the oceans. I've just noticed that the non-land areas aren't filled
with "white" under 2 conditions:

1. When I change the map database from default to "Ncarg4_1" or "highres"

2. When I change the lat/lon area to be drawn to >90 degrees lat by 90
degrees lon. If the area to be plotted is under 90x90 it works OK, but not
for larger lat/lon domains.

I've tried increasing graphics memory allocation dramatically in my
.hluresfile but this doesn't work.

Code snippet -----------------------------------------------

  res@mpAreaMaskingOn = True
  res@mpMaskAreaSpecifiers = "Land"
  res@mpOceanFillColor = 0
  res@mpFillDrawOrder = "Postdraw"

All suggestions gratefully accepted!



Maurice J. McHugh, Ph.D.
Department of Geography and Anthropology
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge LA 70803

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