Re: small NCL glitch at end of file

From: Heiko Klein (heiko.klein AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 00:21:24 MDT

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    Even if this thread is getting a bit to long, I would like to state my
    point of view:

    It doesn't really matter, if there should be brackets around blocks,
    visible end of line character of visible line continuation characters.
    I was a C-style guy for very long and hated the FORTRAN way. When python
    came up, it changed my point of view:
    More important for readablity is proper indentation.

    And to support identation, an emacs-mode and a vi-mode would be great.
    The man-page for perl-style helped perl programmers a lot to read other
    peoples code. It is simply a best practise document and one of those
    could be handy for NCL, too. But this should be more a task of the
    user-comunity than of the creators. Did anybody started to implement one
    of those?

    A task for the creators could be, to add a "\n" at the end of any script
    read in. There are editors which do this automatically, others don't. It
    is a beginners mistake not to put a "\n" behind the last 'end' (did it
    too, even twice). It is quite annoying spending a half day on finding a
    missing "\n" and I think, this could be fixed quite easily.

    Heiko Klein

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