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From: Mary Haley (haley AT XXXXXX)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 16:26:19 MDT

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    > Hauss,
    > I don't think the problem is being caused by you using vpHeightF or vpWidthF.
    > If one of your nine plots has a top X-axis, then I think gsn_panel leaves space
    > for the top x-axis on the other eight plots. I have run into this issue when I
    > want to use tiMainString on the top plot of my panel, but not on the others. The
    > only way to get around it that I know of is to just use gsn_text_ndc to add the
    > text manually to the panel plot before you advance the frame:
    > ...
    > Hope that helps,
    > Adam


    Adam is correct about gsn_panel leaving space for the other 8
    plots. When you use gsn_panel, the plots are supposed to be the same
    size (or at least very close to the same size). The sizes of all the
    plots in the paneled frame are determined by the size of the first
    plot, so if this one is a different size than all the rest, you will
    see problems like you described above.

    To partially get around this problem, awhile back I added the ability
    to title a paneled plot (so you don't have to do it with
    gsn_add_text). Just use the "txString" resource:

       pnlres = True
       pnlres@txString = "This is a title"

    As for your bottom plot, it is now going to be bigger than your other
    plots. This is probably okay, since no calculations are based on the
    size of the last plot. However, the bottom of it *might* run off the
    bottom of your screen if there's not enough of a margin. To fix this,
    you can add some extra space. Only do this step if you find that the
    default margin is not enough:

       pnlres = True
       pnlres@gsnPanelBottom = 0.1 ; Add a margin at the bottom.
       pnlres@txString = "This is a title"


    > >Hey anyone,
    > >
    > >I'm using gsn_csm_xy to generate some time series statistics. I'm using
    > >resources vpHeightF and vpWidthF to make the X-axis longer than the
    > >Y-axis (so as to make the plots more readable). I do this for nine plots
    > >and then I panel them vertically using
    > >gsn_panel. I only label the top x-axis of the first plot and the bottom
    > >X-axis
    > >of the last plot and all plots have tmXMajorGrid and rmXMinorGrid set to
    > >true. Unfortunately, even with gsnPanelYWhiteSpacePercent = 0 there still
    > >seems to be an unfortunate amount of white space between plots. I want
    > >them to be almost touching, but not quite (so that it will be easy to
    > >follow the grid lines from plot to plot). I don't want them actually
    > >touching so the attachplots function isn't really what I'm looking for. I
    > >suspect the problem comes from my fooling with the viewport aspect ratio
    > >which leaves white space at the top and bottom of the graph which remains
    > >when it is put in panel form.
    > >
    > >So my questions are these:
    > >
    > >Is there a better way to change the aspect ratio than the vp resources?
    > >
    > >Is there a way to turn tmXBOn and tmXTOn to False and still get gridlines
    > >(I suppose I could just draw polylines, if I need to)?
    > >
    > >Is there a way to get rid of excess white space at the top and bottom of a
    > >graph?
    > >
    > >Any other panel methods that might work for me?
    > >
    > >Thanks for your time
    > >
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