Re: Hybrid of Pressure to Isentropic Coordinates

From: Dennis Shea (shea AT XXXXXX)
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 12:15:47 MDT

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    >we have examples of converting the hybrid model to pressure
    >coordinates at:
    >I am not sure what isentropic coordinates are, and we
    >certainly don't have an example of converting hybrid coordinates
    >to them. If this means an iso level surface, I have a CMPS
    >operator that will extract one, but you would probably want
    >to convert to pressure first before useing.

    Isentropic surfaces are surfaces of constant potential temperature.

    Actually, I think one could create a function

      function vinth2isentropic(
                       datai : numeric,
                       hbcofa[*] : numeric,
                       hbcofb[*] : numeric,
                       isentropic[*] : numeric, ; specified by user.
                       psfc : numeric,
                       intyp[1] : integer,
                       p0[1] : numeric,
                       ii[1] : integer,
                       kxtrp[1] : logical

        x_Isentropic = vinth2isentropic(X,.,isentropic,.,T)
    Where T would be Temperature at the hybrid levels

    (1) calculate the pressure at each hybrid level
    (2) calculate the potential temperature at each hybrid level
    (3) now one has X and potential temperature at each hybrid
        level so, then interpolate the X to the desired
        isentropic levels.

    >> Hi All,
    >> I'm new to NCL, and I'm trying to convert model (cam2) data I have from
    >> hybrid-sigma or pressure coordinates to isentropic coordinates. I looked
    >> through the NCLtalk archive and didn't find any entries on this subject.
    >> I was hoping someone has done this and could help me out.
    >> - Walter
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