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From: Rick Grubin (grubin AT XXXXXX)
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 08:06:15 MST

Hello Hui,

> I am trying to do as you said. I used addfiles and then
> ListSetType to combine the GRIB files, but got an message related to ListSetType:
> fatal:An internal error has occurred. The file format requested does not
> appear to be supported, could not open (/data/pgb.f0002073012)
> what is your suggestions about this? Thanks!!

The error message you are seeing comes from addfile() and/or addfiles() --
it is telling you that it does not recognize the file type you're trying
to open. If you look at the documentation at:

you'll note that in the "Description" section, there is a link to the
supported file formats for NCL:

The supported formats are denoted by the extension of the filename, e.g.
    netCDF .nc .cdf
    CCM .ccm
    GRIB .grb (.GRB, .grib and .GRIB are also allowed)
    HDF .hdf
    HDF-EOS .hdfeos

Without some sort of "tag" associated with your file, NCL does not have
any idea as to how to start reading the file, and how to understand its
native format. The filename extension gives NCL this needed "hint."

Renaming your file from /data/pgb.f0002073012 to something like
/data/pgb.f0002073012.grb will solve your problem. Your NCL code would
then look something like:

    myFile = addfile("/data/pgb.f0002073012.grb", "r")


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