Re: Polygon plots

From: Dave Kennison (kennison AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Dec 29 2003 - 16:10:05 MST

Patrick Brockmann wrote:

> Is it possible with pyncl (or ncl) to plot an irregular model grid
> using boundaries of each cells ?
> Here is an example made with ferret
> and some examples made with VTK/CDMS
> It is a key feature for my diagnostic plots.
> The combinaison CDMS/pyNCL seems very promising.

Sylvia Murphy responded:

> I have an example on the web of using cell boundaries to plot POP ocean
> data in raster mode. Don't know if it is adaptable to your needs....

The "core" NCAR Graphics package now contains a utility called CONPACKT,
which is now in the process of being made accessible from NCL. Patrick's
first example seems to involve an ORCA grid nearly or exactly identical
to the ORCA grid that is used in NCAR graphics example "ctorca". See
the following site:

The ORCA grid is converted into a triangular mesh by subdividing each of
its rectangular cells into two triangles. One can then draw contour plots
of various types on projections of that triangular mesh. I'm not sure if
this is what is desired or not; take a look and let us know ...


Dave Kennison
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