Announcing the new NCL website!

From: Mary Haley (haley AT
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 10:49:31 MST

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    Dear NCL users,

    We are very pleased to announce the new NCL website:

    This website combines documentation from the old websites:

    into one location!

    All of the function documentation, application examples, resource
    listings, manuals, download information, ncl-talk archives, and much
    more can be found on this new website.

    To help you get started, please see:

    We will keep the old sites up until the kinks have been worked out
    of the new site, probably 1-2 weeks. After we feel the "beta test"
    period has been sufficient, the old sites will be automatically
    redirected to the new site. I will email an announcement when
    this time is approaching.

    Special thanks go to Sylvia Murphy who designed this new site, moved
    most of the pages over, and reformatted them. It was no small task and
    we are grateful that she took charge of this project.

    Kudos also go to all members of the NCL team for their hard work in
    automating and reviewing the documentation for the functions and
    procedures (over 800 of them). This was above and beyond their normal
    jobs and much appreciated by Sylvia and myself.

    Please note a few things about this website:

        - If you are having trouble finding things, you might find
          the "Popular links" or "Website info" links on the left
          navigation bar a useful place to start.

        - Some of the HLU class documentation is still housed on the
          old site. It will be moved over eventually.

        - The image on the main page is under possible redesign for
          better usability (comments welcome).

        - Some older browsers, like Netscape 4.x, don't play well
          with this site. Please let me know if you run into other
          browsers that have trouble. I'm looking into this.

    We welcome feeback! If you have comments or have trouble with some
    aspect of the new site, please email me personally with the URL and
    the comment or problem.



    Mary Haley
    NCAR/SCD/VETS 303-497-1254 (voice)
    1850 Table Mesa Dr 303-497-1804 (fax)
    Boulder, CO 80305
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