Compilation error in NclNetCdf.c

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Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 01:29:50 MDT


I am trying to install ncl on a SUSE Linux 10 SP3 (x86_64).

As the available binaries do not work on this system, I am trying to
compile from sources.

I compiled successfully netcdf without netcdf-4 support and without
OPeNDAP support.

In the NCL configure script, I only ask for a Udunits-2 support and I
answered no to all other questions :

Build NCL (y)? : y
Build cairo support (optional) into GKS library? n
Build HDF-4 support (optional) into raster library? n
Did you build HDF-4 with szip support? n
Build Triangle support (optional) into NCL n
If you are using NetCDF V4.x, did you enable NetCDF-4 support (y)? n Did
you build NetCDF with OPeNDAP support (y)? n
Build GDAL support (optional) into NCL? (n) n
Build Udunits-2 support (optional) into NCL (y) y
Build Vis5d+ support (optional) into NCL (y) n
Build HDF-EOS2 support (optional) into NCL (y) n
Build HDF-EOS5 support (optional) into NCL (y) n
Build GRIB2 support (optional) into NCL (y) n

Although I did not ask for HDF-4 support, I have errors if I do not
provide HDF 4 libraries.

If I provide netcdf and HDF 4 libraries, I have undefined references
errors during ncl compilation :

NclNetCdf.o: dans la fonction « NetSetVarCompressLevel »:
NclNetCdf.c:(.text+0x1748): référence indéfinie vers «
nc_def_var_deflate »
NclNetCdf.o: dans la fonction « NetAddVarChunkCache »:
NclNetCdf.c:(.text+0x191b): référence indéfinie vers «
nc_set_var_chunk_cache »
NclNetCdf.o: dans la fonction « NetAddVarChunk »:
NclNetCdf.c:(.text+0x1aa3): référence indéfinie vers «
nc_def_var_chunking »

When I look for help on the web, it looks like netcdf-4 errors although I
didn't ask for netcdf-4 support.

Is it normal ? Please could you help me to fix this problem ?

These errors occurred after the following command in the Makefile :

-I/usr/local/include -O -rdynamic -o ncl Ncl.o io.o NclHLUObj.o
scanner.o parser.o MathFuncs.o NclTypedouble.o NclTypefloat.o
NclTypeint.o NclTypelogical.o NclTypelong.o NclTypeobj.o NclTypeshort.o
NclTypestring.o NclTypeint64.o NclTypeuint64.o NclTypeubyte.o
NclTypeushort.o NclTypeuint.o NclTypeulong.o NclTypebyte.o NclTypechar.o
TypeSupport.o NclMultiDValData.o AddFileFormats.o AttSupport.o
DataSupport.o FileSupport.o Formats.o GetGrids.o InitData.o Memory.o
NclAtt.o NclCCM.o NclCoordVar.o NclData.o NclGroup.o NclFile.o
NclFileVar.o NclGRIB.o NclMultiDValnclfileData.o NclNetCdf.o
NclOneDValCoordData.o NclType.o NclTypelist.o NclVar.o VarSupport.o
ctoiee.o date.o qu2reg3.o rowina3.o scm0.o ncepcode.o
AddBuiltIns.o AddHLUObjs.o AddIntrinsics.o Execute.o Machine.o
OpsFuncs.o Printtoken.o SrcTree.o Symbol.o Translate.o NclHLUVar.o
HLUSupport.o NclMultiDValHLUObjData.o BuiltInSupport.o BuiltInFuncs.o
javaAddProto.o javaAddFuncs.o userAddProto.o userAddFuncs.o
HLUFunctions.o yywrap.o craybin.o complete.o editline.o sysunix.o
ListSupport.o NclList.o NclMultiDVallistData.o fortranio.o
-L../../.././ni/src/lib/nfp -lnfp -L../../.././ni/src/lib/nfpfort
-lnfpfort -L../../.././ni/src/lib/hlu -lhlu
-L../../.././ncarg2d/src/libncarg -lncarg
-L../../.././ncarg2d/src/libncarg_gks -lncarg_gks
-L../../.././common/src/libncarg_c -lncarg_c -L../../.././ngmath/src/lib
-lngmath -L/home/ciment/lafaysse/ncl/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib64
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/applis/ciment/stow/1/jpeg-6b/lib
-L/applis/ciment/stow/1/szip-2.1/lib -lnetcdf -ludunits2 -lexpat
-lpng -lz -L../../.././external/sphere3.1_dp -lsphere3.1_dp
-L../../.././external/fftpack5_dp -lfftpack5_dp
-L../../.././external/lapack -llapack_ncl -L../../.././external/blas
-lblas_ncl -lX11 -lXext -lgfortran -lm -ldl

Are netcdf-4 / hdf4 / hdf5 really optional ?
I just need the basics of NCL (+ udunits functions) that's why I am trying
to compile in the more simple way.

Thank you for your help,

Bests regards
Matthieu Lafaysse

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