shifted coastlines

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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 13:52:38 +0100

Hi everyone,

I run a two-nested WRF simulation,

when I try to visualize horography

(and consequently all the variables),

I got the right domain and coastlines for the nested

(finest resolution domain) while for

the coarser one, coastlines are shifted

of about 50 km westernward (and not

in North-South direction). I'll try

to change @mpLimitMode, the database version

and the longitude of the center of projection,

but it gets worst.

The code I use (for both the domains) is:


x = f->HGT(0,:,:)

lat2d = f->XLAT(0,:,:)

lon2d = f->XLONG(0,:,:)


dimll = dimsizes(lat2d)

nlat = dimll(0) ; to get dimension of height matrix

mlon = dimll(1)


res@mpProjection = "Sterographic" ; as set in WRF namelist

res@mpDataBaseVersion = "HighRes"

res@mpLimitMode = "Corners"

res@mpLeftCornerLatF = lat2d(0,0)

res@mpLeftCornerLonF = lon2d(0,0)

res@mpRightCornerLatF = lat2d(0,0)

res@mpRightCornerLonF = lon2d(0,0)

res@mpCenterLonF = 12.50 ; as set in WRF namelist

res@mpOutlineDrawOrder = "PostDraw"

res@mpOutlineBoundarySets = "GeophysicalAndUSStates"

res@tfDoNDCOverlay = True

res@gsnAddCyclic = False


plot = gsn_csm_contour_map(wks, x, res)


Has anyone an idea why the d01 (coarser) domain

has shifted coastlines and not the d02?

Thanks in advance,


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