netCDF Creation problem

From: Hee-Jeong Baek <Hee-Jeong.Baek_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 11:25:36 -0600


I tried to create netCDF file as same procedure in Application example
of NCL homepage as follows.
But I had error message and I don't know the reason.
output file is stream function and its dimension is (time,lat,lon).
Thank you for help in advance!

; outfile = stream function
  fout = addfile("stream.trunc.grid."+fyr+".nc","c")
  fileAtt = True
  fileAtt_at_creation_date = systemfunc("date")
  dimNames = (/"time","lat","lon"/)
  dimSizes = (/nt,nlat,nlon/)
  dimUnlim = (/False,False, False/)
  filevardef (fout,"time",typeof(time),getvardims(time))
  filevardef (fout,"lat" ,typeof(lat) ,getvardims(lat))
  filevardef (fout,"lon" ,typeof(lon) ,getvardims(lon))
  filevardef (fout,"sf" ,typeof(sf) ,getvardims(sf))
  fout->time = (/time/)
  fout->lat = (/lat/)
  fout->lon = (/lon/)
  fout->sf = (/sf/)

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