questions for the usage of "txres"

From: deni boz <deniboz_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 17:03:54 +0300

Hi All,

I have encountered some problems concerned with "txres". The related part
of the script is given below:

        txres = True
          txres_at_txFontHeightF = 0.012
          txres_at_txFont = "helvetica-bold"
          gsn_text_ndc(wks,"Figure 1: Sensitivity test experiment for

I want to add the text of "Figure 1: Sensitivity test experiment for
1995-1996" below my graphs. When I run the script, I got some thing like
this: "Figure 1 AEAF"

When I use it as "Figure 1 Sensitivity test experiment for 1995-1996", its
okey. But I could not understand the how ":" effects this part. Should I use
some definitions in this part of script?

I have also another question. I just want to show Figure 1 with
helvetica-bold like this :

Figure 1: Sensitivity test experiment for 1995-1996

How can I do it?

I would really appreciate all the help you can give me to be able to solve
this problem.

Best regards..


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