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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:48:38 -0800 (AKDT)

Hi Rick,

Addition of the GDAL library to NCL would be good. Support is
possbily already available for PyNGL users. GDAL has a python
library that could import shape file information for use in PyNGL.

Has anyone experimented with this?

Some example python code with GDAL may be found here:

Not helpful for shapefile access. Once you do access the shapes,
how you would pass them to PyNGL in a meaningful way is yet another

If the PyNGL team wants to pursue this route, I'd be happy to help
out where I can since I have the GDAL module and PyNGL operating. I
can at least generate a test script that reads lines and pass that
to you for the NCL/NGL part? (Might already have been done)

If there is interest in attempting a GDAL install on your own, I
have compilation instructions for it.

Basic ESRI shapefile support is included with gdal. The
requirements and patches are not required. Those requirements are
needed for a larger display package and can be ignored.

None of the configuration flags are needed if you don't want to
include support for HDF, Netcdf, GML(--with-xerces), etc.


On Tue, August 22, 2006 2:04 pm, Rick Grubin wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
>> I wondered if it's possible to read Esri Shapefiles into ncl. I
>> try to map a region of France in highRes but the NCL geodatabase
>> doesnit seem to contain world political boundaries in highRes.
> Currently, NCL does not support the reading of ESRI (or any other
> GIS) shapefile.
> The NCL Development Team is considering integrating the Geospatial
> Data Abstraction Library (GDAL into NCL to
> read
> shapefiles and other georeferenced data.
> We'd appreciate hearing what users think about this approach, and if
> there are other possibilities that we might not be considering.
> -Rick.
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