questions about interpolation by NCL

From: Xuguang Sun <sunxg007_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 20:28:52 +0800 (CST)

Hi, everyone,

 I'm trying to interpolate topography by f2fsh_Wrap
into a lower resolution one, however, the interpolated
topography in ocean has some positive and negative
values which cross the whole ocean where the original
values are all zeros. So when I turn back to the
arithmetic, I find that the f2fsh_Wrap, f2gsh_Wrap and
so on are all using the spherical harmonics.
Therefore, I think the whether some pseudo waves or
results are generated by using the NCL interpolation
functions.Or in another words, the rank data cannot be
interpolated simply by the NCL functions, right?

Thanks in advance.

SUN Xuguang
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University
22 Hankou Road,Nanjing,P.R.China (210093)
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