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From: David B. Reusch <dbr_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 15:48:48 -0400

Thanks for the debugging Adam. Unfortunately, as the attached image
shows, RasterFill (left) and AreaFill (right) produce rather different
results for these data (i.e., on the left, concave boundary). I'm
pretty sure this is how I ended up with RasterFill.

Back when I was working on this stuff daily, I was generating dozens and
dozens of paneled figures each with 20 to 30 plots just like this -- and
I *must* have loaded at least some of them into Illustrator w/o any
problems. Unfortunately (again), at some point I also added a step to
convert the PS files to PNG files so I don't have any of those PS files
handy. If necessary, I could probably redo one w/o the PS->PNG step and
see if that actually works.

For now, though, I'd prefer to see if anyone else has any additional ideas.

Also, I prefer to keep the files as PS because I usually end up doing a
bunch of tweaking in Illustrator that can't be done in PNG.

Thanks again,

Adam Phillips said the following on 6/12/09 2:06 PM:
> Hi David,
> I ran your code, and confirmed that I can't read it into Illustrator
> either. I didn't see anything peculiar in your script, so I started
> commenting out lines of code, running the script, and tried opening it
> up in Illustrator. The line that is causing it not to read into
> Illustrator is res_at_cnFillMode = "RasterFill". If I comment that line
> out all is well. I have no idea why a raster filled NCL image can't be
> imported into Illustrator.
> A solution would be to use the convert command (/Image Magik) to
> convert the .ps/.eps file into a high resolution .png or .gif file,
> and import that into Illustrator. Or you can use AreaFiIl instead of
> RasterFill. Perhaps others will have an answer as to why a
> raster-filled NCL image can't be read into Illustrator.
> Adam
> David B. Reusch wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am having problems reading a NCL-generated PS file into Illustrator
>> and I have not been able to isolate it to either NCL or Illustrator.
>> In all cases, when opening in Illustrator, I get the "The operation
>> cannot complete because of an unknown error" message. Depending on
>> which version/platform of Illustrator (I've tried CS2, CS3, CS4 on
>> PPC Mac 10.4, WinXP, Intel Mac 10.5, respectively), some of the image
>> is still displayed. The file prints and can be opened/viewed in gv,
>> Preview and ImageMagick. It even opens in Photoshop, though I'm not
>> sure that's a fair test since it's being rasterized.
>> This problem actually started in Dec 2007 and languished on my desk
>> until this week. Because of that I've been able to test it out on
>> LOTS of NCL releases, all on Mac 10.4.x: 4.2.0.a033 and a034, 4.3.0,
>> 4.3.1, 5.0.0 and 5.1.0. Unfortunately, the NCL release doesn't seem
>> to matter since Illustrator has the same problem regardless (though
>> only the 5.1.0 PS file has been tested across multiple Illustrator
>> versions).
>> I've attached a file with my script, input data and a sample PS
>> file. To run the script (plot_avg_map_new.ncl), be sure to first set
>> environment variable INFILE to "avg_57_79_020" (e.g., setenv INFILE
>> avg_57_79_020, in csh/tcsh). This points the script to the text
>> input file. The script will produce a PS file
>> Thanks!
>> Dave
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