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From: Adam Phillips <asphilli_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:03:47 -0600

Hi David,
On a whim, I tried passing the .ps file thru ps2ps, and the result was
the same. However, along the same lines,
and after talking to a colleague about the issue, I passed the .ps file
thru convert:
and I was able to read it into Illustrator.
Give it a shot..

David B. Reusch wrote:
> Thanks for the debugging Adam. Unfortunately, as the attached image
> shows, RasterFill (left) and AreaFill (right) produce rather different
> results for these data (i.e., on the left, concave boundary). I'm
> pretty sure this is how I ended up with RasterFill.
> Back when I was working on this stuff daily, I was generating dozens and
> dozens of paneled figures each with 20 to 30 plots just like this -- and
> I *must* have loaded at least some of them into Illustrator w/o any
> problems. Unfortunately (again), at some point I also added a step to
> convert the PS files to PNG files so I don't have any of those PS files
> handy. If necessary, I could probably redo one w/o the PS->PNG step and
> see if that actually works.
> For now, though, I'd prefer to see if anyone else has any additional ideas.
> Also, I prefer to keep the files as PS because I usually end up doing a
> bunch of tweaking in Illustrator that can't be done in PNG.
> Thanks again,
> Dave
> Adam Phillips said the following on 6/12/09 2:06 PM:
>> Hi David,
>> I ran your code, and confirmed that I can't read it into Illustrator
>> either. I didn't see anything peculiar in your script, so I started
>> commenting out lines of code, running the script, and tried opening it
>> up in Illustrator. The line that is causing it not to read into
>> Illustrator is res_at_cnFillMode = "RasterFill". If I comment that line
>> out all is well. I have no idea why a raster filled NCL image can't be
>> imported into Illustrator.
>> A solution would be to use the convert command (/Image Magik) to
>> convert the .ps/.eps file into a high resolution .png or .gif file,
>> and import that into Illustrator. Or you can use AreaFiIl instead of
>> RasterFill. Perhaps others will have an answer as to why a
>> raster-filled NCL image can't be read into Illustrator.
>> Adam
>> David B. Reusch wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I am having problems reading a NCL-generated PS file into Illustrator
>>> and I have not been able to isolate it to either NCL or Illustrator.
>>> In all cases, when opening in Illustrator, I get the "The operation
>>> cannot complete because of an unknown error" message. Depending on
>>> which version/platform of Illustrator (I've tried CS2, CS3, CS4 on
>>> PPC Mac 10.4, WinXP, Intel Mac 10.5, respectively), some of the image
>>> is still displayed. The file prints and can be opened/viewed in gv,
>>> Preview and ImageMagick. It even opens in Photoshop, though I'm not
>>> sure that's a fair test since it's being rasterized.
>>> This problem actually started in Dec 2007 and languished on my desk
>>> until this week. Because of that I've been able to test it out on
>>> LOTS of NCL releases, all on Mac 10.4.x: 4.2.0.a033 and a034, 4.3.0,
>>> 4.3.1, 5.0.0 and 5.1.0. Unfortunately, the NCL release doesn't seem
>>> to matter since Illustrator has the same problem regardless (though
>>> only the 5.1.0 PS file has been tested across multiple Illustrator
>>> versions).
>>> I've attached a file with my script, input data and a sample PS
>>> file. To run the script (plot_avg_map_new.ncl), be sure to first set
>>> environment variable INFILE to "avg_57_79_020" (e.g., setenv INFILE
>>> avg_57_79_020, in csh/tcsh). This points the script to the text
>>> input file. The script will produce a PS file
>>> Thanks!
>>> Dave
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