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I run NCL under Windows/Cygwin/X. These days, I tried to write a script as the NCL Application Example regrid_3.ncl on the page

to Interpolate my data from a Gaussian grid(origin) to a fixed grid(newgird), and draw color-filled contours of orgin and newgrid over a cylindrical equidistant map on a same page, then write the newgrid imformation to an netCDF file at last.


When I run my script, it output netCDF data accurately, but the two plots didn¡¯t come up, and I got an error message:

2 [win] ncl 1840 E:\cygwin\usr\local\bin\ncl.exe: *** fatal error ¨C could not load user32, Win32 error 487


Then I download the example data, run the example script regrid_3.ncl , a difference error took place£ºSegmentation fault (core dumped).


Then I used¡°ng4ex¡±to run the eleven GSUN examples on the page

The Example 8¡¢9¡¢11 gave me the same error message¡°Segmentation fault (core dumped) ncl failed.¡±£¬but other 8 ones run without error£¬and all the anticipative plots pop up.


Whether some functions didn¡¯t start up ,orsomething was not set correctly ,or some other wrongs happend? I will send my script as a adjunct to help you comform what¡¯s matter.


If anybody knows how I should proceed please let me know, thanks!!!




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