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From: Mark Fenbers <Mark.Fenbers_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 14:36:57 -0400

Dennis Shea wrote:
> Mark Fenbers wrote:
>> I just learned about and installed NCL today. My starting netCDF
>> file is not COARDS-compliant, but ncl_filedump reads the file,
>> interprets the information, and outputs variable:data pairs without
>> errors. From what I read, I understand that ncl_convert2nc is
>> capable of creating a COARDS-compliant netCDF file (presumably if
>> given the proper options).
> I believe that ncl_convert2nc will create COARDS compliant nc files from
> grib1 or grib2 source files.
But I don't have a grib1 or grib2 file. I have a netCDF file (non-COARDS).
> It will not convert non-COARDS compliant netCDF to COARDS-compliant.
> Not sure that could be done.
Yes, that is my complaint. Most NCL utilities will read (and
understand) my non-COARDS netCDF, but ncl_convert2nc is not one of them.
> It should be straight forward to write an NCL script that
> converts your initial non-CF file to COARDS compliant.
> You could then call that script.
This confuses me because you said in the previous paragraph, "Not sure
that could be done. " and now you're saying how I could go about it, I
>> However, ncl_convert2nc will not ingest a netCDF file like
>> ncl_filedump can.
> This is not clear what you mean here.
Sorry... Just that ncl_filedump reads in the netCDF file and seems to
"understand" the data, but ncl_convert2nc complains when reading the
same file (saying that it cannot read netCDF files).
>> So how would I go about converting one netCDF file to another?
> fi = addfile("initial_file","r")
> fo = addfile("", "c")
> then read all the variables frim 'fi';
> use
> loop over each variable; change what u want to change and output
> each variable
> Good luck
Thanks! I'll need lots of it, because: 1) I know nothing about NCL
aside from what I've read in the past day or so, and 2) I know little
about netCDF format and COARDS-compliance and probably not enough to
create my own COARDS-compliant netCDF (even if I was an expert at NCL).
So I have a *lot* of learning to do in the next week or two. I was just
hopeful that I had found a utility that would read my non-COARDS netCDF
and convert it into a COARDS netCDF without me having to add another
lengthy project to my overflowing plate.

Thanks for the help!
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