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From: Dennis Shea <shea_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 14:29:35 -0600

Mark Fenbers wrote:
> Dennis Shea wrote:
>> Mark Fenbers wrote:
>>> I just learned about and installed NCL today. My starting netCDF
>>> file is not COARDS-compliant, but ncl_filedump reads the file,
>>> interprets the information, and outputs variable:data pairs without
>>> errors. From what I read, I understand that ncl_convert2nc is
>>> capable of creating a COARDS-compliant netCDF file (presumably if
>>> given the proper options).
>> I believe that ncl_convert2nc will create COARDS compliant nc files from
>> grib1 or grib2 source files.
> But I don't have a grib1 or grib2 file. I have a netCDF file (non-COARDS).
>> It will not convert non-COARDS compliant netCDF to COARDS-compliant.
>> Not sure that could be done.
> Yes, that is my complaint. Most NCL utilities will read (and
> understand) my non-COARDS netCDF, but ncl_convert2nc is not one of them.

What does it not 'understand' ?
>> It should be straight forward to write an NCL script that
>> converts your initial non-CF file to COARDS compliant.
>> You could then call that script.
> This confuses me because you said in the previous paragraph, "Not sure 
> that could be done. " and now you're saying how I could go about it, I 
> think.
It can not be done *automatically*.
>>> However, ncl_convert2nc will not ingest a netCDF file like 
>>> ncl_filedump can.  
>> This is not clear what you mean here.
> Sorry...  Just that ncl_filedump reads in the netCDF file and seems to 
> "understand" the data, but ncl_convert2nc complains when reading the 
> same file (saying that it cannot read netCDF files).
>>> So how would I go about converting one netCDF file to another?
>>      fi = addfile("initial_file","r")
>>      fo = addfile("", "c")
>> then read all the variables frim 'fi';
>> use
>> loop over each variable; change what u want to change and output
>> each variable
>> Good luck
> Thanks!  I'll need lots of it, because:  1) I know nothing about NCL 
> aside from what I've read in the past day or so, and 2) I know little 
> about netCDF format and COARDS-compliance and probably not enough to 
> create my own COARDS-compliant netCDF (even if I was an expert at NCL).  
> So I have a *lot* of learning to do in the next week or two.  I was just 
> hopeful that I had found a utility that would read my non-COARDS netCDF 
> and convert it into a COARDS netCDF without me having to add another 
> lengthy project to my overflowing plate.
My opinion is that it would not be that difficult.
Of course, you have to read the COARDS standard.
It refers to the udunits standard supported by Unidata.
> Thanks for the help!
> Mark
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