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Date: Thu Nov 19 2009 - 10:21:29 MST

Hi Caroline,
I'll answer what I can below. First though, it's highly recommended that
you place the .hluresfile in your home directory as is discussed here:
That way your default font will be helvetica, amongst other changes.

Caroline Serraud wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying for several days to plot some wind barbs on wind intensity
> contour field. Using the barb_3.ncl script was quite easy, but I
> encountered a problem trying to remove the legend "v-component of wind
> m/s". (see enclosed)
> I tried every label or legend or title related ressources, but
> everything failed..

You should set res@gsnLeftString = ""
By default, NCL will apply the long_name attribute from one of the
arrays input in the plotting routine and write it to the gsnLeftString
resource. In this case, I think it is taking the t@long_name attribute.
(Your t array is created from your v array, hence the v-component label.)

> Could you advise me something?
> I don't know if this is related but I can't remove the black rectangular
> contour either...

I am not sure what you are referring to here: The black outline of the
plot? (=perimeter). If so, try setting res@mpPerimOn = False

> Last but not least: I read on emails archive that PNG output was a
> current challenge; is that possiblity available in 5.1.1 version?
> because when I try I get a very surprising result! (see barb.png attached)
> Furthermore, is it possible to launch NCL for PNG output in total batch
> mode, because if I run a script typing ncl script.ncl in a putty window,
> so no X server, for PS output, everything is ok, but for PNG, it asks
> for the DISPLAY environment variable: but I don't want my plot to be
> printed on screen, just created and saved in a PNG format. My ncl script
> has to be run automatically in cron, so I have to be X-server independant..

NCL has a png driver built into it, but it is not supported and we do
not recommend that you use it. Instead, it is recommended that you
create your png file by first creating a ps file, and then using convert
(convert -density 144 out.png) to create a png image. It is hoped
that png output will be fully supported upon the next release of NCL.

> I have enclosed my PS and PNG outputs as well as my script..
> Any remark would be very helpful!!
> Thanks in advance for your time
> Caroline
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