vibeta and uv2dvF for moisture divergence

From: Yan Bao <ybao2009_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Nov 24 2009 - 14:47:10 MST

Hi, everyone
     I'd like to calculate moisture flux divergence from WRF output , in
which Vibeta function is used for integrating the Qflux firstly , and
uv2dvF function is used for the divergence calculating. My questions are
1. If you have current function to make it ,or that's the only way I can do
it ;
2. Could I can use vibeta function directly with data at a sigma level
instead of getting a sigma to P conversion ?If so, how I can do it?
3. What the linlog =2 (nonlinear, log interploation) will be used in vibeta
4. How people process the missing data in vibeta function, I get some
missing data in surface layers at and below 850mb?
5. I have a specific question about the dismatched dimension problem about
"x" and psfc, could you help me to fix it?(error message: fatal: Number of
dimensions on right hand side do not match number of dimension in left hand
fatal: Execute: Error occured at or near line 82 in file quv.test.ncl)

Thanks very much for help.


PS: the script I made ,U, V, Q have interploated into p-level.


p=(/1000.,925.,....50,30, 20,10) ;17 ncep level
u= a->U(:,:,0:114,0:126); 17L
v= a->V(:,:,0:114,0:126);17L
q= a->Q(:,:,0:114,0:126);17L
psfc = a->PSFC(:,0:114,0:126)
linlog =1
qu =q*u*1000
qv =q*v*1000
ptop =300.
pbot =1000.

82 vint_qu=vibeta(p,qu, linlog,psfc,pbot,ptop)/9.8 !!!problem line
83 vint_qv=vibeta(p,qv, linlog,psfc,pbot,ptop)/9.8 !!!problem line

dv=uv2dvF(vint_qu, vint_qv)
uvd =dv2uvF(dv)

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