A truncation issue with tointeger()?

From: Emilie Vanvyve <evanvyve_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2011 - 15:27:22 MST


I just bumped into the below problem in my script and I cannot figure out why it happens. I was hoping someone would have an idea...

I have the following 2 float variables:
        tmpV = (/ -1.05, 15.75 /) ; lower and upper bounds of a new array to be later defined with a dvar increment
        dvar = 0.15

I calculate tmp1 as:
        tmp1 = ( tmpV(1) - tmpV(0) ) / dvar
=> tmp1 = float, print(tmp1) shows tmp1 = 112 (no decimal).

If I then calculate tmp2 as:
        tmp2 = tointeger( ( tmpV(1) - tmpV(0) ) / dvar )
=> tmp2 = integer, print(tmp2) shows tmp2 = 111.

Why do I loose a unit here? tmp2 should be equal to 112 since tmp1 doesn't have any decimal, no?
I need tmp2 to be an integer because it is used with ispan to define that new array I mentioned above.

The on-line documentation specifies that the tointeger() function will truncate the decimals of a float- or double-type variable it is given. However, since I don't appear to have any decimal, why does it look like some truncation is taking place?


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