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From: Peter Q. Olsson <olsson_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2011 - 20:06:59 MST

Hello all-

2 issues I am laying out here, not sure either is solvable (but we can hope!).

1) I would like to have lat/long tick labels on plots [using wrf_contour() &
wrf_map_overlays()] that are labeled in DECIMAL DEGREES instead of the default
DEG-MIN-SEC. Nosing around in the archives suggests that (at least as of a couple of
years ago) this is not an option. Maybe this has changed in the last couple of years...

2) Color bars. I want a color bar w/ about 20 colors (default max seems to be 16). In an
attempt to do this, I set the resource:

opts_r@lbBoxCount = 20

and get back a notification from wrf_contour():

         warning:lbBoxCount is not a valid resource in proto_contour at this time.

I should note that I am using a bunch of other "lb" resources and they all seem to work.

I understand that the "wrf" functions, e.g., wrf_contour() are essentially wrappers for
several more primitive ncl functions, making life easier for "wrfies" like myself, at
the cost of some of the low-level versatility. Is this the case here? Is there a

Thanx for your help,

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