Re: read speed for ascii vs .nc

From: Rick Brownrigg <brownrig_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2011 - 09:43:38 MDT

Hi John,

I don't know about your question regarding state boundaries and RANGS/GSHHS. However, if you have a shapefile in hand, you might take a look at example #1 at:

This particular example and shapefile combo runs in almost negligible time.

Hope that helps...

On Apr 4, 2011, at 7:17 AM, John Kerfoot wrote:

> I'd like to plot U.S. state boundaries AND use the RANGS/GSHHS high
> resolution map database. I'm pretty sure this isn't possible from
> within NCL (?), so I found a shape file from USGS containing the
> internal state boundaries (no coastlines) and converted it to ASCII
> (~6Mb) and added a few lines to my script to read in the lat/lon
> columns and plot the boundaries over my map. This does add a
> noticeable amount of time to the script execution time.
> I was wondering if it would be faster to write this dataset to a .nc
> file and read the lat/lons in versus reading them in from the ASCII
> file. I would imagine there is a performance increase associated with
> reading from a .nc file versus an ascii text file?
> John
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