shapefile plotting problem

From: ugo merlini <ugomerlini_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Apr 18 2011 - 14:20:48 MDT


I'm new to NCL I'm tryng to execute shapefile6.ncl example

I downloaded all shpaefiles required and i put to myhome/shapefiles/swtizerland/ directory.

I also modified the script to take care of this change


fnames = (/"switzerland/waterways","CHE_adm/CHE_adm1"/) + ".shp"


fnames = "/shapefile/switzerland/" + (/"waterways","CHE_adm0","CHE_adm1"/) + ".shp"

I also think that there is an error the / between CHE_adm (which in real CHE_adm0) and CHE_adm1

I was not able to read waterway shapefile

Reading '/shapefile/switzerland/waterways.shp'
Requested file does not exist as (/shapefile/switzerland/waterways.shp)
or as (/shapefile/switzerland/waterways), can't add file
fatal:Either file (f) isn't defined or variable (segments) is not a variable in the file
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 93

CHE_adm0" and "CHE_adm1 are read correcly (I hope)

but changing to

fnames = "shapefile/switzerland/" + (/"waterways","CHE_adm0","CHE_adm1"/) + ".shp"

all files are read :-) but came up with new errors

(0) Reading 'shapefile/switzerland/waterways.shp'
(0) Reading 'shapefile/switzerland/CHE_adm0.shp'
(0) Reading 'shapefile/switzerland/CHE_adm1.shp'
fatal:Subscript out of range, error in subscript #0
fatal:An error occurred reading colors
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 106

any suggestion?



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