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From: Lizz Ultee <lultee_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 08:23:00 MDT

Hi NCL Talk,
I'm a new user of NCL and do not have much programming experience besides,
so please excuse any confusion.
 I'm attempting to calculate a trend for each point of a dataset and then
interpolate this info to a Gaussian grid. There are a few issues when I
try to do this:
1) Error messages display when I try to get the trend using regline. I
can use regCoef but I'm not sure this is what I need. Previously, I
calculated the trend at specific points using regline and had no problems,
but now (calculating for each point of the dataset) error messages about
the dimensionality come up. The range of values returned by regline is
not the same as those returned by regCoef, and I don't know why this
should be.
2) I have regridded what I got out of regCoef and plotted the results on a
contour map, original vs. Gaussian grid. It looks fine except that the
plot is not lined up with the underlying map; the data very clearly shows
outlines of the continents but these are in the wrong place. Does this
matter in the grand scheme of things? I just need values on the Gaussian
grid (in a NetCDF for example) to proceed with analysis--the plot will not
play a part in my final product.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone has!
Lizz Ultee

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