warning and error when running dtrend_leftdim witb True option

From: Ileana Blade <ileanablade_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2011 - 01:52:40 MDT


When I use function dtrend_leftdim with option set to "True" (so I can
keep the slope as an argument)

trend = dtrend_leftdim(dat,True)

I get the following warnings and error (although the code runs to the
end and works fine - I have checked)

Variable: dat
Type: double
Total Size: 24883200 bytes
             3110400 values
Number of Dimensions: 3
Dimensions and sizes: [time | 240] x [lat | 90] x [lon | 144]
             time: [227.5..87462.5]
             lat: [-89.49438..89.49438]
             lon: [1.25..358.75]
Number Of Attributes: 6
   long_name : Precipitation
   standard_name : precipitation_flux
   units : kg m-2 s-1


No warning/error if option is set to False.
The variable trend does not exist prior to the dtrend_leftdim call (I
can't delete it).

 From what I have read the warning occurs when trying to equal two
variables with unequal dimensions, but I don't see which ones.



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