Re: gamma undefined in ncl6.0.0

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Date: Thu Jun 23 2011 - 14:01:23 MDT

Hi Mary,

Thanks for explanation. But how to get the following example run
specifically xgam=gamma(x) please? An undefined error always stops the

N = 7
   x = new(N,"double")
   x(0) = 0.5
   x(1) = 0.33333333
   x(2) = 0.25
   x(3) = 0.20
   x(4) = 2.00
   x(5) = 3.00
   x(6) = 4.00

   xgam = gamma(x)


(0) 1.772453850905516
(1) 2.678938451355363
(2) 3.625609908221908
(3) 4.590843639635322
(4) 1
(5) 2
(6) 6

From: Mary Haley <>
Date: 2011/06/23 15:54
Subject: Re: [ncl-talk] gamma undefined in ncl6.0.0


The "gamma" that you see in the ncl executable is not from a built-in
function, but rather from an internal Fortran routine that we have called

I see that we have *advertised* that we have a function called "gamma",
but this was never implemented. I'll have to check with Dennis on this.

One way to search for a particular function in NCL from the UNIX command

echo "list_procfuncs()" | ncl | grep gamma

You'll get this output:

function gammainc (
function random_gamma (

I believe the "gamma" that you found in the "ncl" executable is from an
internal GAMMA function that is used by the "chiinv" function:


On Jun 23, 2011, at 12:06 PM, wrote:


The pre-compiled ncl6.0.0 is installed.
nm $NCARG_ROOT/bin/ncl | grep -i gamma
0000000000833a4d T gamma_


fatal:Undefined identifier: (gamma) is undefined, can't continue
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 9

This error also occurs on

Is there anything missing?

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