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Date: Thu Jul 07 2011 - 05:57:38 MDT

I have a question concerning contour-plots.
My input is a NetCDF file with data from the regional climate model CCLM.
Creating plots with data on a global grid is no problem, but the special
grid types of the regional climate models are difficult to handle.

If I plot it as usual, the data of the African continent is plotted over
the whole world map.
I tried to improvise it with

res@tfDoNDCOverlay = True
res@mpLimitMode = "Corners"
res@mpLeftCornerLatF = min(lat)
res@mpLeftCornerLonF = min(lon)
res@mpRightCornerLatF = max(lat)
res@mpRightCornerLonF = max(lon)

but it does not work.

I want to plot the data correctly over the map of Africa and it would be
nice if I could zoom in, so that I have only a part of Africa.

Even the 'NCL-expert' here at the meteorological institute has no idea.

Thanks a lot for your help.

best regards,
Konrad Deetz

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