Bug in NCL 6.0.0?

From: Christian Pagé <page.christian_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2011 - 03:05:56 MDT

Hi all,

I have encountered a weird behavior of NCL 6.0.0, which cannot be reproduced
in NCL 5.2.0 in the tests I have done.

I have the following NCL script, which reads input NetCDF files to perform
some post-processing (I have only kept what is essential to experience the
bug) :

model_list = (/"arpege1", "arpege2", "arpege3", "arpege4",
"cccma_cgcm3_1_t63", "csiro_mk3_0", "gfdl_cm2_1", "giss_model_e_r",
"ingv_echam4", "miroc3_2_medres", "mpi_echam5", "ncar_ccsm3_0", "cnrm_cm3",
"gfdl_cm2_0", "giss_aom", "ipsl_cm4", "miub_echo_g", "mri_cgcm2_3_2a",
"arpege_a2", "arpege_a1b", "arpege_b1"/)
nm = dimsizes(model_list)


do model=0,nm-1

  curmodel = model_list(model)

  print("Processing: model " + curmodel)

  infilett = systemfunc("ls " + indir + "/" + curmodel +
  printVarSummary(infilett) ; infilett is always ok

  fileintt = addfiles(infilett, "r")
  printVarSummary(fileintt) ; fileintt is always ok here with the correct
number of elements

  filein = fileintt ; fileintt gets emptied here from the 2nd iteration.
Problem doesn't occur if I don't do this assignment.

  time = fileintt[:]->time ; bug occurs here since fileintt gets emptied
from the 2nd iteration, since there are no longer any element in the list

; delete(filein) ; The problem only occurs if I don't delete this

end do


The problem occurs if I don't delete the filein variable in the do loop, as
This is the line where the problem occurs :
filein = fileintt
At the second iteration in the do loop, the variable fileintt gets emptied,
it goes from 150 elements to 0 when the assignment is performed (in my case
I have 150 NetCDF files).
The assignment should not modify the fileintt variable...

If I uncomment the delete(filein) line it works ok.
If I comment the filein = fileintt assignment it also works ok.

It is not possible to reproduce this behavior in NCL 5.2.0.

Thanks for any input and comment on this,

Christian Page
CERFACS, Toulouse, France

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