Re: Draw trajectory line of ground surface air parcel when CAPE is equal or less than 0.

From: Dennis Shea <shea_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Aug 11 2011 - 13:43:17 MDT


The skewT code was written when I first learned NCL.
It was not written with flexibility in mind. The following section plots
the cape parcel ascent [cape>0]. Maybe you could add something along
the lines of this section to accomplish your needs.
Unfortunately, I have several projects of my own
that need to be addressed so I can not be of much help.

       if (localOpts@Cape .and. then
           gsOpts = True
           gsOpts@gsLineColor = colCape
           gsOpts@gsLineDashPattern = 1 ; 14
           if (isatt(localOpts,"gsLineDashPatternCape")) then
               gsOpts@gsLineDashPattern = localOpts@linePatternCape
            end if
           gsOpts@gsLineThicknessF = 2.0

           yp = skewty (p)
           xtp = skewtx (tpar, yp)
           gsn_polyline (wks,skewt_bkgd,xtp(nlLfc:nlCross) \
                                        , yp(nlLfc:nlCross),gsOpts)
           delete (gsOpts)
       end if

Good Luck

On 08/10/2011 05:23 PM, rzhang wrote:
> Dear Prof. Dennis Shea
> Wish you have a nice day!
> I'm a beginner of NCL program. When I plot the skewT-logP diagram using
> your code I found a problem that I can't solve on my own. I know that
> the program will draw the CAPE air parcel when CAPE is greater than 0.
> However, I would like to draw the ground surface air parcel even if the
> CAPE is less than 0. I tried several times but I didn't succeed. So I
> would like to ask you to give me some suggestions. I really appreciate
> your help.
> Best Wishes!
> Rong
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