NCEP Stage IV data: problem with summation

From: James Correia <jimmyc42_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2011 - 12:59:53 MDT

I am reading in hourly stage iv precip data, over conus, for a select period
of 25 days. Since the grid is relatively large (881,1121) I read the data in
and perform a running sum.
About half way through the script, the running sum resets. The code snippet
is below. By reset, I mean the second print statement where max(prec) is
being printed:
(0) Reading: ST4.2011051917.01h.grb 2276.34 0
(0) Reading: ST4.2011051918.01h.grb 267.42 0

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

The files all have the same missing value, and I made sure my arrays have
the same missing value. Metadata:
Variable: temp
Type: float
Total Size: 3950404 bytes
            987601 values
Number of Dimensions: 2
Dimensions and sizes: [g5_x_0 | 881] x [g5_y_1 | 1121]
Number Of Attributes: 14
  sub_center : Environmental Modeling Center
  center : US National Weather Service - NCEP (WMC)
  long_name : Total precipitation
  units : kg/m^2
  _FillValue : 1e+20
  coordinates : g5_lat_0 g5_lon_1
  level_indicator : 1
  gds_grid_type : 5
  parameter_table_version : 2
  parameter_number : 61
  model : River Forecast Center Quantitative Precipitation estimate
mosaic generated by NCEP
  forecast_time : 1
  forecast_time_units : hours
  initial_time : 05/19/2011 (23:00)

I plotted the raw data to see if there was a problem, but didnt really
notice anything.
Thanks for any help

prec = new((/881,1121/),float)
prep = new((/24,881,1121/),float)
prec = 0.
prep = 0.
pre = new((/24,881,1121/),float)
ts = new((/24*imax/),float)
ts@_FillValue = 1e20
prec@_FillValue = 1e20
prep@_FillValue = 1e20
t = -1
do i=0,imax-1
if(i .eq. 0)then
mo = sup(0)
end if
if(i .eq. 17)then
mo = sup(1)
end if
do j=0,23

file1 = nam+dat(i)+dy(j)+man
;print("Reading:"+" "+file1)

f = addfile(file1,"r")


temp = f->A_PCP_GDS5_SFC_acc1h
if(i.eq.9 )then
print("Reading:"+" "+file1+" "+max(temp)+" "+min(temp))
pre(j,:,:) = temp
end if
prec = temp+prec
ts(t) = prec(249,517);(551,680);

print("Reading:"+" "+file1+" "+max(prec)+" "+min(prec))
prep(j,:,:) = prep(j,:,:) + temp
end do
end do

The views expressed in this email do not necessarily reflect those of NOAA,
the National Weather Service, or the University of Oklahoma.
James Correia Jr.
OU CIMMS Research Associate
SPC HWT Liaison

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